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The Praesidium Assessment tool was built on the foundation of The Praesidium Safety Equation®, which establishes standards for abuse prevention in eight critical operations. Completing a self-assessment through the Praesidium Assessment Tool will help you identify potential gaps in your abuse prevention practices in each of the eight operations of the Safety Equation. Your assessment report provides comprehensive data and direct links to relevant resources that help you build an action plan for closing the risk gaps. 

The Praesidium Assessment Tool is based on The Praesidium Safety Equation®. It consists of eight operations that root-cause analysis research shows reduce the risk of abuse when properly addressed. 

Through the Praesidium Assessment Tool, your organization evaluates each Safety Equation operation to identify gaps in policy or procedures. The Praesidium Assessment Tool then provides resources to close these gaps. 

The Praesidium Assessment Tool doesn’t just help you assess problems.  
It also helps you solve them. 

Taking an Assessment

To complete a self-assessment, the user reads each standard and its definition and rationale, then gathers the necessary information from written documents and interviews with staff to assign a point value to each standard.  Standards are distributed across each of the eight operations in the Praesidium Safety Equation.  When you complete an assessment, you earn safety points for the standards you have in place.  And when you uncover gaps, you’ll receive valuable resources to close gaps and increase your score.     


Be Prepared for Surprises

When you complete an assessment, be prepared for some surprises.  You may discover, for example, that your policies weren’t as widely understood as you thought, or that operations varied dramatically from one location to the next, that staff hadn’t updated training in years, or that shortcuts compromised volunteer screening, or that there are barriers for staff to report concerns. The Praesidium Assessment Tool tells you what actually happens, not what you think happens!    

Understand Results

Upon completion, you will receive a customized report that helps you develop a road map on how to start closing gaps.  Your report shows you five important scores:  your overall score for your entire organization; your score in each of the eight operations in the Praesidium Safety Equation; your score for each standard; comparisons between previous scores each time you complete an assessment; and comparisons between scores from different program locations (if applicable).    

Support Tools

Pre-Assessment Training

Every assessor has access to three training courses to ensure that you get the best and most accurate results from taking the assessment. The Praesidium Safety Equation overview, Preparing for assessment, and Using the Praesidium Assessment Tool are all designed for the end-user.

Enhanced Reporting

The Praesidium Assessment Tool has nicely formatted graphs to help you quickly identify the gaps within your organization. Included in the reporting section is a cost-benefit grid to help you create a corrective action plan and prioritize your next steps. Additionally, if you've taken an assessment before, it will quickly show you how you've improved.

Abuse Prevention Resources

The Praesidium Assessment Tool comes with a rich array of resources designed to help you close gaps and increase your overall scores immediately! For example, if you are missing important policies, you receive sample model policies.  For gaps in screening and selection, you receive sample behaviorally-based interview questions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete a self-assessment? 
A: That varies depending on the organization and how much research is required to score the standards. The first time you complete an assessment will take much longer than subsequent times since you will be doing more research to score the standards. Most of the time your spend will be in preparation; the more you prepare the easier it will be for you to complete your self-assessment. 

Q: Do I need to complete the assessment all at once? 
A: No. As you work in the assessment, your answers are saved automatically and you can log off and return to the assessment at any time. 

Q: What do I do once I’ve completed a self-assessment? 
A: Once you’ve completed a self-assessment, you’ll want to review your Scorecard to identify gaps and resources for each low-scoring standard. From there, you may want to start filling in the gaps. 

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